What We Believe

At the heart of Tahoe Housing Hub is a set of core beliefs that guide our approach to the distinct housing needs of the North Lake Tahoe-Truckee area. Our mission is powered by the conviction that for our community to thrive, housing must be innovative, inclusive, and sustainable.

What We Believe:

  • The true essence of our community is its people.
  • A stable and healthy home is fundamental to the well-being of individuals and families.
  • In nurturing a community where the next generation can envision a future in the place they call home.
  • The availability of housing is crucial for the economic health of our local and family-run businesses.
  • In equitable access to housing for all community members, regardless of income, background, or status.
  • Encouraging workers to live near their jobs not only benefits the environment but also enhances quality of life.
  • Solving the housing crisis demands a variety of approaches, from encouraging small-scale projects in backyards to supporting large developments in strategic locations.
  • Directly supporting the creation of new housing instead of relying on in-lieu fees, ensuring tangible progress in our community’s housing landscape.
  • Engaged citizens are essential to shaping effective and meaningful housing solutions.
  • In the power of partnership and collaboration.

These core beliefs not only define who we are but also guide every aspect of our work. They will form the foundation of our policy platform, shaping the priorities that drive our initiatives and projects. 

Recognizing that the fabric of our community is woven from the lives of its residents, and that the community health of our region is linked to housing, we are propelled by these core beliefs towards a future where every member of our community can find a place to belong and flourish.

Join the Housing For All Pledge

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