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Join the Housing for All Pledge!

Our community is the heart of Tahoe, and every heart needs a home. Today, you can affirm your commitment to the well-being and future of our region. The pledge is simple, yet it speaks volumes:

“I support housing for all members of our community.”

By signing this pledgeyou’ll receive updates on housing-focused public meetings, invites to public engagement strategy workshops, and essential housing news. You’ll also join a growing movement of neighbors, friends, and family who are ready to take meaningful action toward accessible and inclusive housing. Your voice is vital. Your action is powerful.

As a signatory, you’re not just making a statement — you’re stepping into a community of action. We’ll keep you informed about key housing decisions, provide opportunities to participate in workshops, and share ways you can actively contribute to the cause you’ve pledged to support. Together, let’s ensure that Tahoe remains a place of warmth and welcome for all. Sign the pledge, and let’s build the future of housing in Tahoe — one home, one heart at a time.

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Join the Housing For All Pledge

“I support housing for all members of our community”